"Tommy" is  not spoiled at all..hahah

This is little "CHARLIE DANIELLES"

DC at eight weeks...


"I am one lucky little puppy boy"


we sleep a lot when we are little!

Asher learning the "ropes" and getting ready to hit the show ring...

Maximum Companion Boston Terriers & French Bulldogs!

Making friends in a BIG way!

Boston babies make good "buddies"

"KUTISAN" is one lucky girl!

stay tuned for"The Adventures OF "ROMEO"

Tiny little "henry" is in good hands!

Zoey is ready for her first Christmas...

dressed up for a special event!

Meet Titus- he is ready to "Play Ball"

Petra is helping to "potty train" the puppies

Questions for prospective Puppy Buyers

For those of you looking for your newest family member, and lifelong companion, please take the time to ask your self these questions:

1) Have you owned a dog before?

2) Do you have a secure, fenced yard. If not, are you prepared to to leash walk your puppy through the potty training?

3)Do you work? If so, what are your plans for the puppy during the day?

4) Do you rent? If so, do you have permission from your landlord to have a puppy?

5) Is your objective to have a dog to show and breed? If so, we must discuss that in detail before you choose your puppy. Show homes will have a contract, and you must adhere to it.

6) Is your puppy going to be a pet and family member only? You need to understand that I place pets with a Spay/Neuter contract, along with limited AKC registration.

7) Do you have children? Do they know how to hold and act around a puppy?

8) How much time are you willing to spend with your puppy?

9) A Boston Terriers an indoor dog- will you protect him/her from the weather?

10) Can you financially afford the cost of veterinary care and be a responsible pet owner.

11) Will you understand that a puppy is a lifetime commitment?

12) Will you keep in touch with us as your puppy grows?

These are some of the questions that we will ask you as a prospective puppy owner.

 “Show  vs pet puppy” 
  It is impossible to know if a puppy is going to develop into a show dog at the tender age of 5 or 6 weeks! Until a puppy is at least 6 to 9 months old you cannot be sure about things such as "top lines" and "movement".An experienced breeder may be able to tell a great deal about a puppy from its ancestors and years of experience! Puppies may fail to grow or even become larger then expected as there is a wide variety of sizes amongst this breed. There may be many reasons a "show potential" puppy does not make it as a "champion candidate"or even for breeding.Puppies that are not held back for "show potential" are sold as "pet quality"  Pet quality puppies are sold on "limited" registration, which means they can compete in AKC events such as  agility ect. however they cannot be used in any breeding programs and must be spayed/neutered. We take pride in selling a "well bred",healthy,pet companion to a home where it will touch the lives  of all  its new family members!
All our puppies at maximumcompanion are loved and cared for like our very own! We do have some strict guide lines. For instance vaccines and worming’s...puppies are wormed 2,3,4,5, weeks of age with nemex wormer/7 weeks with panacur wormer for 5 days. Fecals are sent in to a vet at 4 weeks and 7 weeks of age.
Vaccines are given at 4 weeks to start(neo-par neonatal parvo virus) then given at 6 weeks (5 way) and 8 weeks with corona virus added.
Our puppies are fed a quality food, usually Orijen or Acana and we use kangan alkaline water for our puppies drinking water.
Socialization is very important and all our puppies are played with on a daily bases...we try to get them use to everyday happenings so that they will not be shy when they leave for new homes...most puppies that are leaving for pet homes are ready between 8 and 10 weeks. They will have had a thorough vet exam and written evaluation. Puppies are all Baer/JHC tested before they leave for new homes. A one year health guaranty is provided for life threatening congenital disorders as well as lifetime support for any questions a new puppy owner may have. We will screen every new puppy buyer to make sure that they will be able to provide not just a great home but the proper care and attention that it takes to raise and own a lifetime family member like the Boston terrier!