Maximum Companion Boston Terriers & French Bulldogs!

OK!..So you have decided you might be interested in adding a puppy to your household..lets talk briefly about "what you can expect"  as far as  what your puppy needs  before he or she is ready to come home!

Our site should not be viewed as an "advertisement" to "sell" puppies .We like to help "educate" those looking to add a puppy as a family member.Our site is meant to be helpful and informative for those looking for show prospects as well as family pet members! It is our goal  to be selective in breeding sound show prospects as correct to the "standard" as possible and placing  "non-show" prospects in "pet homes"

"MAXIMUMS AND SULLIVANS  GOOD FORTUNE"..owned by Daffanie Sullivan

           Puppies are vet checked at birth and re-checked before they leave for their new homes. All puppies are BAER/JHC tested before they leave for their new homes. An OFA(documentation form ) will be included stating that your puppys hearing has been "cleared" as well as its JHC(DNA test for juvenile cataracts)A microchip will be included to identify your puppy in case it should ever get lost/stolen(heavens forbid!) We supply copies of all health testing of the parents along with pedigrees ect.Unless you are purchasing a show puppy limited registration will be provided . Limited registration means  that although you are still getting a wonderful,quality puppy it will not be eligible to use for breeding purposes and instead will be placed in an approved ,loving ,pet home! If you are purchasing a show puppy a "show" contract will be provided (to be discussed) vaccinations  are given at 4 weeks (neo-natal neo par) then at 6 weeks and 9 weeks.Wormings are done at 2/3/4/5/weeks (nemex) then 7 weeks with Panacur(5 days) Testing for internal parasites is done at 6 and 8 weeks.Baer tests are done between 7 and 9 weeks.A thorough vet written health check is provided before any puppy leaves the premises!..NO PUPPY MAY LEAVE BEFORE 8 WEEKS!! NO EXCEPTIONS!

         We start to "potty" train puppies to a litter box or "potty pads" before they leave for their new homes! Show puppies will be accustomed to "stacking" before they leave!

           We feed "Orijen" dry kibble and some "raw" food...diets will be discussed and provided with each puppy..

         A puppy "pack" of goodies and a one year written health guarantee (for life threatening congenital disorders) are also provided as well as lifetime support!

           We have so much information and much to talk about when deciding to add a puppy to your family so please know that communication with us is strongly urged before you make a decision!
  Adding a new member to your family leaves room for many questions and we are here to assist you...

All of our dogs at maximumcompanion have been OFA (orthopedic foundation for animals) registered for the following
                                 CERF canine eye registration foundation/national registry of dogs certified free of heritable eye disease by members of THE AMERICAN COLLEGE OF VETERINARY OPHTHALMOLOGISTS
                                   JHC: VET GENE SCREENING FOR JUVENILE CATARACTS/screens DNA samples to assure that dogs are free from being carriers
                                   BAER/brain stream auditory evoked response, the hearing test for deafness
                                  PATELLAR LUXATION/ the canine patellar is equivalent of the human knee, when it luxate you can feel a "popping "at the knee cap as it moves medially(toward the middle of the body) they are graded according to severity all our dogs are in "normal “range
                                   CARDIAC/auscultation is within normal limits
                                  It is always our intention to honor the breed standard and we take pride in breeding dogs that meet or excel the expectations of THE BOSTON TERRIER CLUB OF AMERICA.

We love to hear how our babies are doing!  We love pictures too!